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You NEED Low Level Laser Therapy!

Research for Low level laser therapy (LLLT) began in 1967. A few years later at Semmelweis University, one of the oldest and most prestigious medical schools in Hungary, Endre Mester's experiments lead to the first working laser being invented. Mester researched the effects of laser light on skin cancer; from these studies, others began to look deeper into the clinical benefits of LLLT.

Today, LLLT is finding its way into the world of legitimate medical techniques. Until the late 1990s, many experts still considered low-level lasers “experimental” medical technology.

Now, over 30 years has passed since the first reports appeared on the biological effects of non-thermal laser light and research efforts have matured both qualitatively and quantitatively. The question is no longer whether or not therapeutic laser have biological effects, but rather how they work and how best to use them… Therapeutic laser have a tremendous and as yet untapped potential in the field of healthcare. It is now clear that therapeutic laser has no undesirable effects in the hands of a reasonably qualified therapist. “A deeper knowledge of laser medicine will yield better clinical results as well as and greater pleasure in working…” (Turner & Hode, forward).

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You Can't Get This ANYWHERE Else!

TheraLaze is the first in its class to emit both a visible coherent light that stimulates the body's ability to produce ATP, which allows a natural healing of the body in decreased time, and a non-visible infrared light that has a dynamic healing effect, which in-turn compliments the visible laser effects. The combination of these wavelengths creates a synergistic effect that decreases pain and inflammation and enhances the natural range of motion of the joints. Optimal function of cellular physiology occurs on a more permanent basis.

The TheraLaze hand held laser was designed with home use and patient care in mind. The simplicity of the design allows for a mobile, easy to use device that can be utilized on a day to day basis and/or specific therapy guideline. TheraLaze is programmed with over 50 codes when concerned with acne, allergies, TMJ, sore muscles, scars, gallbladder support, liver support, and kidney support… plus much more.

With the convenience of owning TheraLaze, you and your loved ones can support the body’s natural healing process through LLLT! We can feel much better and have more energy and our immune system can be strengthened. TheraLaze is not intended to “treat” any disease; rather, it offers a potentially beneficial therapy that complements the body’s natural healing ability .